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Who We Are

A Legacy of Learning

An assembly of people in front of Dutchtown High School in 1935
A man speaking at podium in front of a group of people in Dutchtown High School Gym
Construction workers buidling Dutchtown High School with old school building in the background.

Dutchtown High School being built in 1935 with old school building shown in the background. 

Students at tables and teacher standing in 1935 Dutchtown High School library
Hallway in DTHS in 1935

Hallway in DTHS in 1935. This is currently the hallway in the 8th grade hallway of Dutchtown Middle School. 

Students in 1935 in hallway of Dutchtown High School

Students in 1935 at Dutchtown High School, currently Dutchtown Middle School. 

Cooking Class in 1935 at Dutchtown High School
Front of Dutchtown Middle School in 1935

1935 in front of Dutchtown Middle School, which was actually Dutchtown High School at that time.

View from Gym of Dutchtown High School 1935

View from Gym of Dutchtown High School 1935

Workers building the DMS media center in 1930s
Photo inside DMS gymnasium

Dutchtown Middle School is comprised of grades 6-8 with just over 650 students enrolled and 54 on-site certificated employees and various ancillary staff members who serve our campus on an itinerant basis.  We are located in the suburban area of Dutchtown, which is part of the Geismar community.  Geismar, Louisiana is a steady-growing community with many job opportunities in nearby chemical plants. 

In November of 2022, the Louisiana Department of Education released School Performance Scores (SPS) for the 2021-22 school year.  We are very happy to announce that Dutchtown Middle School achieved an overall score of 98.3 (letter grade A). This is an increase of 2 points from our previous score based on 2020-21 testing.

We have a variety of programs in place at Dutchtown Middle that we believe will continue to improve student learning and teaching.

  • Accelerate Summer School Program
  • Accelerate After School Tutoring (Begins in January)
  • Implementation of Eaglevention (targeted school-wide interventions)
  • Continued implementation of Character Strong Program to address Social Emotional Learning throughout the campus.
  • Continued implementation of PBIS Rewards App

In addition to receiving a letter grade of A, Dutchtown Middle did receive both Opportunity Honoree and Top Gains Badge from the LDOE.  Top Gains schools are those demonstrating exceptional student progress earning an “A” for student progress, ensuring that students meet or exceed their learning goals each year. Top Gains schools must also not be persistently struggling with specific group of students or student behavior.  Recipients of the Opportunity Honoree award outperformed 90 percent of all schools across the various student subgroups: Black/African American, Economically Disadvantaged, English Learners, and Students with Disabilities.

Opportunity Honoree Badge                                  Top Gains Honoree Badge



GEISMAR, LA – The world can use some extra joy right now and the students at Dutchtown Middle School are doing their part to uplift their community with kindness, compassion, unity and respect! To recognize Dutchtown Middle School’s ongoing commitment to kindness and their participation in the 11th annual Great Kindness Challenge, they have been designated as a “Kindness Certified School” by Kids for Peace.

Kids for Peace is a global nonprofit that hosts The Great Kindness Challenge, a positive and uplifting program that fosters connection, inclusion, appreciation and overall well-being. The annual program has multiplied in enrollment each year, having grown to over 18 million students in 36,000 schools, reaching across all 50 states and 115 countries.

Jill McManigal, co-founder and executive director of Kids for Peace, is thrilled to recognize the school’s commitment to kindness. "Our hearts are bursting with joy knowing that so many students are actively creating a brighter, happier and more positive world for all. Even during the pandemic, students are finding creative ways to spread love, honor classmates, show gratitude and offer a helping hand. We are thankful to Dutchtown Middle School for providing this opportunity for their students to practice kindness and we are grateful to their students for demonstrating that kindness matters!”

Dutchtown Middle School invites the Dutchtown community to keep the kindness going by lifting each other up, helping each other out and cheering each other on. Kindness has the power to heal and unite us all!

Dutchtown Middle School Teachers of the Year

Patti Mouton 

Lulu Ribas

Stacy Landry 

Jessica Robb

Rebecca Acosta

Deborah Porche

Jennifer Dixon

Noelle Gabehart


Katie Rouillier 

 Yvette Surla 

 Amy Crain 

Ashley Brown 

 Vicki Passman 

Glenda Mora 

Nawell Ponson

Kathryn Edmonds 


Ashley Brown 

Amie Navarre 

Renee Landry 

Kathryn Bourgeois 

Jessi Vincent  

Kylee McPherson

Heidi Nolan



First page of the PDF file: CoreValuesPoster

DMS Core Value Medallion Recipients

Angelique Gaudin smiling in front of Core Value banner

2018-2019 - Angelique Gaudin

Mr. Walker and Mrs. Louque with Amie Navarre holding the Core Value Medallion.

2019-2020 - Amie Navarre


2020-2021 Dena Pinell

Photos of Doug Walker, Kathleen England and Lisa Louque

2021-2022 Kathleen England

Mr. Walker, Mrs. Porche and Mrs. Louqe smiling with Core Value Medallion

2022 -2023 - Deborah Porche