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teacher: kathleen england

Visual Art is a hands-on studio class for 7th and 8th grade students where they explore the world of art.  This course focuses on learning the elements and principles of design and learning to draw.  Students also learn how to use a variety of media, experiment with color mixing, and learn about historical art periods and the work of famous artists, as well as applying these techniques to personal artwork. Students create realistic and abstract works of art that are both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional.

students and teacher in art classroom


Teacher: Kaitlyn Nassar

The Dutchtown Band performs at many functions throughout the year, including football games, parades, concerts, and festivals.  Band members are expected to attend all of these functions as well as after-school rehearsals on certain days.

group of students playing instruments on stage


teacher: kylee mcpherson

Choir at Dutchtown Middle School provides an introduction to reading music notation through lots and lots of singing.  Students in 7th and 8th grade choir have two mandatory concerts- the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert- as well as additional optional opportunities for performance.  The goal for this course is for each student to grow in character and musicality through cooperative rehearsals that prepare the group for exceptional performances.

Choir Performances

Digital Journalism

teacher: stacy landry

The class goal is to learn the language of journalism and to develop communication skills in writing  different types of articles as we produce a monthly school newspaper.  Students need to be able to write well, have good speaking skills to perform interviews, and have good time management skills to meet deadlines.  Teacher recommendations are required for this class.  Please see Mrs. Stacy Landry or Mrs. Debbie Porche for an application.

 To see the latest edition of News From the Nest, click here.

group of students on steps

Environmental science

teacher: stacy landry

The goal is to explore the magical world of plants and how they work and what they need.  This will include the economic and social sciences that go along with basic horticulture as we plant gardens, compost, and take our plants from “farm to table”.  We will explore various ways to grow plants--we’re gonna be outside a lot and get dirty!  (Students can not be afraid of bugs or worms because they are a natural part of gardening and composting.)

boy with green bean plant


teacher: stephanie gaspard

STEM is a class where students are encouraged to be creative problem solvers. They learn how to use technology to gather and analyze data as well as explore 3d software to create unique designs. 

students working on a robot

Talented and gifted (tag)

teacher: aimee Perrodin

“Gifted students are offered enrichment services to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and student specific areas of growth as determined by the IEP.”

Our students incorporate contests, projects, and grants in the classroom that make connections to the community through technology-based experiences. We have students competing in National History Day, Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair, Perennial Math competitions, Young Writers competitions, and Destination Imagination each year. Currently our students run a nonprofit educational corporation in the classroom and online. This entrepreneurial learning experience allows students to learn more about themselves, each other, the world, and their own entrepreneurial mindset and skillset. We help reach others through design and development of 3D printed items to sponsor charities and give back to the community. Follow us @

3 students working on computers


teacher: stacy landry

In this course, students will gain skills in page design, publishing techniques, copywriting, editing, and photography while producing a creative, innovative yearbook.  Students will use writing skills, communication skills and creativity to tell the story of the school community and peers.  Teacher recommendations are required for this class.  Please see Mrs. Stacy Landry for an application.

group of smiling students sitting on a picnic table