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Logo "Character Strong"

Dutchtown Middle School is focused on fostering the whole child with by teaching both SEL and character, side-by-side.  Character education involves developing thoughtful, healthy, and kind human beings in addition to building social emotional competencies such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

We want students to develop more empathy toward not only their peers, but also our community and world. The Eagles have started a campaign to build a Character Strong Community in an effort to give our students more opportunities to serve others.  One way we are doing this is through service events.

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Students sorting donation into laundry baskets.

Toiletry Drive - Fall 2021

Sixth grade students participating in the penny drive.

One of our fall community service projects was a penny drive for St. Jude Hospital. Our students raised $3,563.20 for St. Jude hospital.  

The Eagle Mascot presenting check to Mrs. Todd

Dress down day was held to honor the memory of Mrs. Todd's mother, who recently passed away.  DMS raised $503 for the Kiwanis Club of St. Mary. 

Mrs. Bourgeois, Mr. Walker and Mrs. Louque presenting Mrs. Daniel with a donation.

Santa Paws event raised $300 for Cara's House, a local animal shelter. 

Santa looking at a dog.

Santa Paws 2021

Group of students sharing their Christmas cards for soldiers.

Christmas cards created by students to send to Veterans and active military. 

students sitting in desks working on assignments
students sitting at desks with teacher standing in front of class
6 students standing in classroom
students at desks with teacher in front of class
students sitting in desks with teacher standing in front of class

Eagle art

led by art teacher kathleen england 

The Louisiana Arts Content Standards bring together the basic content of the four disciplines of dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts, into one common set of standards essential for a comprehensive arts education. The twenty-first century, the age of information, requires more from the next generation of students. The relevance of education in a rapidly changing society will depend on converging the aims of education and the workforce for well-rounded, educated students who will be productive members of society. The arts will assist in the achievement of these aims with the implementation of these rigorous and challenging content standards.

This year, every student is enrolled in both art and dance.  School-wide art lessons are conducted through our homeroom class.  

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Student with graffiti art
Grafitti Art
Grafitti Art
Grafitti Art
Grafitti Art
Grafitti Art
Grafitti Art
Student with graffiti art
Student with graffiti art
Student with graffiti art
boy drawing
group of students working on art
2 girls drawing on white paper

cup of thanks

led by yvette surla  

Inspired by a national initiative to increase employment for people with intellectual and physical disabilities, Dutchtown Middle School special education students deliver complimentary beverage service to local heroes for their hard work and service.  The hope of this initiative is to help our community overcome stereotypes and prove these students can be successful and employable- all while giving back to the community.  

Funded by the Joe W. and Dorthy Dorsett Brown Foundation. 

Cup of Thanks Logo

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A student serving Mrs. England coffee. 

The “Cups,” which include coffee / tea and other treats, are prepared by the students and delivered to various service organizations. 


 3Donationz is non-profit, student-run business that was established in 2018 and is led by the tag students of Dutchtown Middle and Gonzales Middle Schools. 

Its purpose is to raise awareness of global issues and to help people in need by making 3D products. Since its inception, over $3789 has been raised via doantions and purchases. 

Through an Ascension Fund Grant, Dutchtown Middle has established the Eagle’s Den Essentials Pantry, which is open to students on campus. Students are able to put in a private request through their student google classroom for any basic needs such as uniforms, socks, and toiletry items.  Although the Eagle’s Den cannot guarantee all items requested will be available, they will try to provide as many items as possible free of charge.

For more information about what we do, please visit our website at


3 students working on computers
2 pens and 2 stickers with 3 Donationz labels