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Student Services

Counseling/student services

Students who are experiencing difficulty can be referred to the Student Services Counselor who is trained to provide support through individual or group counseling.  This program is designed to address such issues as substance abuse, self-esteem, and behavior management.  Students may also participate through self or parent referral by contacting the DMS Guidance Counselor, Katrice Lewis at

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Mrs. Bullion processes referrals from parents, teachers, administrators, and students for academic and emotional/behavioral concerns, including ones for suspected gifted and talented students. She facilitates the functions of the SBLC/504 committee and coordinates screenings, assessments, and the gathering of pertinent data to assist committee members in making educational recommendations for students.

For assistance with SBLC/504 concerns, contact

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behavior interventionist  

Mrs. Jennifer Bordelon is our behavioral interventionist. Her goal is to support students in developing social and problem solving life skills. Students go to her for conflict resolution, and she guides them in positively solving conflicts to prevent disciplinary actions. Mrs. Bordelon strives to ensure a positive, safe, responsible, and respectful culture at DMS. 

For assistance with behavioral concerns, contact

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Career Coaching

Our career coach leads students in career exploration lessons using the APSB Career Assessment Program and classroom discussion. Utilizing individual assessment results, she assists students in aligning their skills and interests to career pathways and goals. In addition, our coach aids in the smooth transition to high school by introducing electives, programs, and opportunities as well as working with students to begin their Individual Graduation Plan. 

For questions regarding career assessment, please email

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Media Center

The media center is a place where students and teachers go for books, resources, and help with anything related to technology. For questions regarding books or technology, contact the librarian, Deborah Porche at

Macy Delaune ( assists in the media center and can address any media center needs as well. 

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